(i) Should look after the overall welfare of the academy.
(ii) Should co-ordinate with all the office bearers and council members of the academy for smooth functioning, guidance and controlling activities, and help in taking and implementing vital decisions of SACH .
(iii) Should take the initiative for formation of committees and subcommittees of SACH in consultation with office bearers.
(iv) Honorary Post of SACH
(v) Can deliver SACH Oration on recommendation of EC
i) Shall be chairperson of all meetings of the academy.
ii) Shall preside at the annual conference and all meetings of the academy
iii) Shall guide and control the activities of the academy.
iv) Shall regulate the proceedings of the meetings and conferences, interpret the rules and Byelaws and decide on doubtful points.
v) Shall, in addition to his or her ordinary vote, have a casting vote, in case of equality of votes.
vi) Term is for two years and cannot be reelected in any of the post of office bearers.
Vi)Shall deliver SACH Oration
Note : In the event of an emergency arising by reason of any cause such as death, detention, resignation or absence for a considerable period, e.g. President being out of country, the duties of the President shall devolve upon the Vice-president in consultation with Patron-in Chief. In case of resignation by the president, it will become effective on its acceptance by the council. Pending the acceptance of the resignation, the Vice President shall act as indicated above in case the president is unwilling to function as such. On acceptance of resignation the Vice-president will become president after approval of EC.
(i)Shall preside at the Annual Conference and Council in the absence of the president, and carry out his/her duty.
(ii)Shall be President after two years
(iii)Term is for two years and cannot be reelected in any of the post of office bearers.
(i) Shall conduct all correspondence.
(ii) Shall organize, arrange and convene conference, lectures and demonstration.
(iii) Shall attend meetings of the academy and the AGB.
(iv) Shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
(v) Shall maintain a correct and up to date register of all members of the academy.
(vi) Shall inform the members of academy important events.
(vii) Shall give notice of coming meetings and circulate agenda for the meetings.
(viii) Shall conduct the elections of the various offices.
(ix) Shall do such other acts as are essential for the smooth running of the academy..
(x) Should take care of SACH website, SACH bulletin
(xi)Term is for five years and can be reelected if needed with permission of EC and GB.
(i) Shall assist the Hon. Secretary General. in performing his/her duties as required
(ii) Shall be the Coordinator of the activities of all SAARC countries.
(iii) Shall prepare and present an annual Report on the Activities of SAARC countries,
(iv)Joint secretary should be from each country for smooth running of SACH
(v)Term should be for three years and can be reelected for another term if needed with permission of EC and GB.
(i) The election of council members shall be conducted by the Secretary General by ballots during EC meeting
(ii) The selection/ election for the posts of President and Vice President shall be held every two year; for Secretary every 5th year and Joint Secretaries every 3rd year .All prospective candidates shall be members of SACH, having no subscription dues at the time of filling their nomination.
(iii) The Secretary shall invite date bound nomination for the office positions in the midyear. The nomination shall be proposed and seconded by two members of SACH and must be accompanied by a letter of consent from the members so nominated, Nominations, proposed and seconded by members with subscriptions dues will be invalid.
(iv) The Secretary shall obtain the biodata in brief of each candidate and enclose it with the ballot paper and hand over to the members in the EC meeting who are eligible to vote. The ballot papers will be returned to the Secretary by the voters in the EC meeting. Each ballot paper will be accompanied by the voters identity (name, address and signature) in a separate sealed cover..
(v) Every candidate for the posts of President and vice President should have at least 5 years standing as executive member and have served the Academy in two or more by ways of (i) being a council member, or (ii) participating in a symposium/seminar/workshop at the Annual conference. (iii) Organizing Secretary/Chairman of SACH conference.
(vi) For all other posts of SACH council member – a candidate should have at least 3 years standing as a life member.
(vii) A council member will lose the post if he/she is not present in EC and GB meeting for two consecutive years.
(viii)For 10 years (2014-2024) selection of the above posts can be done by raising hands and counting instead of ballot papers.
(i) The scientific work of the Academy shall be carried out at the ordinary meetings which shall be held preferably in the last quarter of an year i.e., October-December during SACH Conference and on this occasion there shall also be an annual statutory business meeting called the General Body meeting. .Annual Executive body meeting will be held on first day and General Body meeting will be held on the second day of the Conference. The secretary shall give notice, of this
meeting to the members through website of SACH or by sending mails to all members. The agenda will be drawn up from suggestions received from members throughout the year. At this meeting the annual reports of the office of the secretary, the Treasurer/the Editor and the joint secretaries will be presented together with the recommendations of the Council on all items made out at the earlier conference. The business meeting of the general body will be open only to members of SACH. Organizing secretary should provide adequate support to ensure smooth conduct of scientific session. The agenda of the meeting must be circulated to all council members through mail at least three months prior to the Conference.
(ii) The above mentioned meeting of the academy shall be held in the Department of Pathology indifferent countries of SACH, as may be available from time to time, or in any other institution approved by the council. The work of the meeting shall consist of providing suitable forum for presentation of scientific communications and the discussion of these and for giving demonstrations, presentation of scientific communication, orations, guest lectures and (presentation of Research work carried out by the members). No presentation except orations, guest lectures or symposium or seminar participation shall exceed 15 minutes in duration unless consent has been obtained from the chairman of Organizing Committee. One delegate will present only one paper at the conference. The general management including setting of the order in which the items of agenda are to be taken and appointment of the sectional chairperson and co-chairperson shall be done by the patron in chief, president, the secretary general, and the organizing secretary of the annual conference. The duration of the meeting and its program shall be decided by the patron in chief, president ,the secretary general and local members responsible for arrangements of the meeting ( organizing secretary and the members of Organizing Committee). All authors wanting to present paper will be required to register in advance as delegates. The duration of the Conference must be for two days.
(iii) Pre Conference CME or Post Conference workshop can be arranged by the Organizing Committee if they desire to hold such teaching sessions for PG students and junior colleagues.
(iv) No SAARC country will have the right to hold any Conference or any Teaching Session in the name of SACH. Disciplinary action may be taken if such meeting/ CME/Conference or any other function of any nature is held in name of SACH.
(I) A memento should be awarded to the first three free papers and poster presentations. The Organizing Committee will select the judges to assess the papers for awards.
(II) SACH Oration will be delivered by the President or by other SACH council member or by any other Pathologists of repute from SAARC countries as decided by the Executive and General Body of SACH. This Oration will be delivered at the Annual Conference of SACH. The Orator will be honored by plaque/memento or medal. Oration can be delivered once by a pathologist. No TA or DA will be given. The pathologist will have to register for the Conference. It will be held each year.
(III) SACH Slide Seminar can be delivered by SACH council member or any pathologists of repute from SAARC countries as decided by EC and GB of SACH. It can be delivered only once by a pathologist. He will be honored by a memento/plaque or medal. No TA or DA will be provided. The pathologist will have to register for the Conference. It will be held each year.
(IV) SACH Academy Oration can be delivered by any council member as proposed by EC and GB/ any pathologist of repute from SAARC countries as decided by EC and GB. The orator will
not have to register for the Conference and the local hospitality will be provided by the Organizing Committee for two days of the Conference. The travelling expenses will have to be borne by the Orator. The Orator will be honored with memento/ plaque or medal. It will be held each year.
(V) LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS should be given to two pathologists every FIFTH year for his/her exemplary and selfless contribution to the development and propagation of the academy. The names should be forwarded to EC and GB by SACH council members. The first awards will be presented in 2018. A plaque will be presented to both of them. For nomination of the names, representatives from all SAARC countries should decide taking into account of his/her contribution.
The Organizing Committee of SACH will take the responsibility and bear the expenditure of all the awards of SACH except Life Time Achievement Awards which should be awarded jointly by all the executive members and office bearers of SACH.