Minutes of conference meeting



Dear Executive Members of SACH,

The minutes of Executive Committee Meeting of SACH-2016 is circulated to all of you.

If no comment is received within 10 days, then the minutes are accepted and will be uploaded in SACH website.


Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held in 4th SACH Conference on

17th September 2016 at 7 pm at the B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) in Dharan Nepal.


The following members attended  EC meeting :


Executive Committee Members :

India: Dr RGW Pinto, DrAsitavaMondal, DrKaushal K Prasad, DrNuzhatHussain.
Pakistan: DrNailaKayani ,DrRashida Ahmed

Bangladesh: DrZillurRahman

Nepal: DrSmritiKarki, DrAbhimanyuJha, DrSantoshKafle

Srilanka: DrChandu De Silva

Bhutan: DrKriskna Sharma


Advisory committee Members:

DrShahid Pervez,

Dr. Akhter SChughtai

DrArvind Kumar Sinha



Invited Guests :

Dr Ashraf Khan from AIPNA

DrKanizRasul from Bangladesh


The following points were discussed and accepted by the EC members:
1. The venues of SACH Conferences till year 2022:

2017 Nepal

2018 Srilanka

2019 Bangladesh

2020 Srilanka

Dr.Chandu requested Secretary General Dr.Zillur to send a mail toThe President, College of Pathologists Sri Lanka to host SACH-2020 Conference at Colombo as decided in EC meeting. Moreover Dr.Chandu will be Hon’ble President of SACH during this year.

This mail will be sent by Dr.Zillur to Dr.Chandu and Dr.Priyani who will forward it to President,College of Pathologists,Sri Lanka for necessary action. We will wait for an earliest reply…

2021 Pakistan

2022 India

2. The EC appreciated and recognised the contribution of the nine Founding Members of SACH.

3. The Teaching /Education Committee of SACH was formed under DrShahid Pervez as Chairperson to facilitate the exchange of manpower for training among the SAARC Countries. DrShahid Pervez will work out the modalities and implement the activities soon in consultation with other members.

4. Dr. R.G. Wiseman Pinto will introduce SACH e- Newsletter to update the events, news & activities of all SAARC Countries once in a year. It will be circulated on line to all EC members & will be uploaded on the website.

5. EC requested DrZillurRahman to continue the SACH website as before. We all thanked him for his contribution.

6. The EC requested DrZillur to continue as the Secretary General of SACH till December 2020. DrKaushal Prasad from India is appointed as the Secretary Elect of SACH  till Dec 2020

7. DrKaushal Prasad will be the Secretary of SACH from January 2021.

8. DrZillurRahman will be Chief Coordinator of SACH from Jan 2021 with voting right.

9. The EC has introduced few Plenary lectures of 30-45 minutes in each SACH Conference .Hence the Annual SACH Conferences will have the SACH Oration ,SACH Academy Oration ,SACH Slide Seminar ,SACH Slide Quiz and few Plenary lectures. This point was raised by Dr.Shahid Pervez and accepted in EC.

10. It was proposed in the EC meeting that Dr. R.G. Wiseman Pinto will be appointed as Chairperson of Scientific Committee of SACH from January 2017. This was proposed by DrAsitavaMondal& seconded by Dr. Shahid Pervez.

11. The EC requested the Members to send articles for the e-Journal “Practical Pathology” to DrChandu De Silva.

12. The EC outlined the role of AIPNA in SACH.. Prof. Ashraf Khan was invited as visiting pathologist of SACH. But SACH is not in a position to bear the travel expenses of faculties from AIPNA. The local hospitality and invitation will depend on the local organizers of the conference. There will be no voting right.

13. DrArvind Kumar Sinha was invited to join SACH as  member of the Advisory Committee of SACH. We are glad that he is kind enough to accept our invitation.

14. EC requested Dr.GopiAryal President of ACPN and Member of Advisory Committee of SACH and Dr.AktarChughtai, EC Member of SACH from Pakistan to facilitate the registration of SACH at the SAARC Secretariat at Kathmandu. This should be only for benefit of SACH as a whole taking into consideration of all SAARC countries.

15.. The Organizers of SACH Conferences are requested for proper planning of Conferences with appropriate time frame.

16. The President Dr RGW Pinto and other members thanked DrArvind Kumar Sinha and DrSmritiKarki and their team for organising and hosting a wonderful SACH Conference in Dharan Nepal between 16 to 18 September 2016.

17. Academic activities of SACH 2017 at Kathmandu: 

a) SACH Oration – Dr. Mohammed Kamal (Bangladesh)

b) SACH Academy Oration – Dr. A. Priyani (Srilanka)

c) SACH Diagnostic Slide Seminar from Nepal -Dr. Ram Chandra Adhikari, Chairperson Scientific Committee of SACH-2017 and IXth ACPN Conference had declared the name of pathologist who will be conducting the session

d) SACH Slide Quiz – Dr. R.G. Wiseman Pinto (India)

e) SACH Plenary session- Dr.NailaKayani, (Pakistan), This was finalized after agenda No 10 was accepted.


This is to update all members regarding further progress after the minutes of EC meeting.


Dr Pinto and other members  thanked profusely all the Faculty members ,Chairpersons , and the pathologists who presented Oral Papers and Posters from all corners of SAARC countries and all delegates who attended the SACH Conference in Dharan to make it grand and successful.